Hello world!

So, I finally decided to do something constructive with my days at work (no, I don’t do any work at work, duh!) and set up a blogg where I can tap into the amazing web community of those who are as obsessed, if not more-so than myself, by those tiny little moments of sunshine and delight – CUPCAKES!

As a 23 year old girl, I have been described as a domestic goddess by my boss (if only!) and words like ‘stepford wife’ ‘domestic bliss’ ‘wifey’ get thrown my way a lot.

Two things have made me this way. I am a MASSIVE sweet tooth (hello dentist!) and I love to bake. And as a result of both, when I’m not baking, I am also often found at the gym (hello treadmill!).

But not only do I love baking and all things sweet, I am a real girly girl. Bows, ribbons, shiny, sparkly things, I love them all. So, to document just how LAME I can be with all things Martha Stewart and pink, I bring you the word of Fifi la Cupcake!


Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Icing


March 18, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. the airy fairy replied:

    congratulations on setting up your blog! get wild baking…!

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