Does Tiffany&Co. do layby?

I have had ONE hit since I have been live – and that was me, checking from home that I actually existed on the Interweb.Since checking out various other baking blogs, I have really been woken up by the amount of cupcake paraphernalia that exists out there in the big bad world.

One that has got me hopping from foot to foot about (and that I WILL make mine) is the latest Tiffany & Co. sweet offering. Lucky for me I have a gal pal that works in said wonderland, who will Pink Enamel Tiffany Cupcakehopefully assist me in acquiring my latest tasty trinket: OHHH EMMM GEEEEE. It will be mine!

The ‘cupcake charm with pink enamel on sterling silver chain’ comes in at US$200 so maybe $250 Aussie. Now, considering I live out of home in a super cute, 50’s style apartment in a well situated suburb that renders me poor almost every month without fail, this one may have to go on the wait-list….I wonder if Tiffany’s does lay-by….


March 19, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Kel replied:

    Love your blog!

    You should check out – there’s heaps of sellers on there selling handcrafted cupcake jewellery! SO CUTE!!

    Plus I’m too poor for Tiffany. LOL.

  2. steph replied:

    Fifi i must also have this little piece of cuteness…

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