Easter hatched early…

The idea for my Easter cupcakes came to me one morning while eating my breakfast, maybe three weeks ago (early I know…).

 Before I get too involved, I have a big confession, and one which many people do not believe. EASTER IS MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY 😐 This is the truth. I mean, I can legitimately eat CHOCOLATE for four days straight. People GIVE you chocolate to eat. Hot Cross Buns. I would eat them year-round given the chance. The perfectly spiced, soft doughy goodness, and the white piped cross, which I love to pick off and eat seperately. YUM.

So, to combine some of my most favouritest things, the idea dawned. I love easter. I love cupcakes. I love hot cross buns. OMIGOSH…Hot Cup Buns 🙂

Inspiration My inspiration 🙂 The soft, doughy, lightly spiced hot cross buns. These ones are fruitless, but I enoy all varieties – fruit and chocolate – although with fruit, you can’t have too much peel. Yuk.

I used a golden butter cake packet (on sale for $1.80!) as I hadIngredients 2 decided after work that I had wanted to make cupcakes, and didn’t have time to sift and measure (and I wasn’t sure how much flour I had left!!). To make it a little more caramel-y and hence Hot Cross Bun coloured, I added about 1/2 a cup of brown sugar and some golden syrup, which despite its taste of burnt sugar, works really well in baking.

I think I went a little overboard with with wet ingredients as soupy-batter.jpgthe batter ended up a little soupy – unless that’s just how this particular batter looks. I like my batter to be quite ‘goupy’ so that when I put the batter into the pans, it kinda sits and stays in the position it was dropped as. Oh well. I think that the fact the batter was soupy made the baked cupcakes stick to their paper a bit too much.

I was also a little overzealous with the checking on my cuppiescooling.jpg when they were in the oven. I was using new cup cake cups which were bigger than my normal cases, and I was worried they were going to bake slower, so I kept checking, which resulted in a couple of my cupcakes ‘falling’ in the middle.

My packet cake didn’t come with a packet icing, which was OK, as I was wanting to make my icing a caramel colour. I used:

  • 2 1/2 cups icing sugarcinnemon-icing.jpg
  • 1/2 cup of firmly packed brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 25 g  non-salted butter
  • 3 tablespoons of ricotta (I didn’t have cream and this surprisingly worked really well!)
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnemon sugar

This turned out to be the LOVLIEST icing I have made in a while. Its texture and flavour were divine 🙂 Just LOOK AT IT!

iced.jpgThis icing was a breeze to spread. I used my special pink icing spatula that really makes icing much easier.  It’s a tiny little spatula that is cupcake sized, and a little inverted on one side and kinda domed on the other. Look at them all. Awww, making progress!

Adding the crosses was pretty simple.crossed.jpg I made a really easy icing mixture (1 cup icing sugar, some milk and a bit of butter) and scooped it into my piping bag. I used the ‘writing’ nozzle. The white icing was quite runny, but that’s the texture I wanted. I piped and piped and piped, and tada, hot cross cup cakes!

I can tell you now that these babies taste AMAZING! I am so pleased that the icing turned out as well as it did. The flavours are divine! A bit sorry I made these at night so the photography is a bit nasty – I’ll try get some more pics in natural light….so, to finish: can you spot the difference?! 😛



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  1. the airy fairy replied:

    these look delicious…i was just thinking of making something like this last night! love the idea of combining hot cross buns and cupcakes! perfect!

  2. steph replied:

    FiFi La Trix…once again you amaze me with your domestic goddess-ness.
    And i can’t tell you how lovely this little blog works as a distraction/procrastination on a particularly slow friday afternoon at work.
    ps: i am totally baking this weekend…apart from this blog, i had a cupcake from that adorable store at th Prahran market yesterday (lemon buttercake with a very zesty lemon butter icing) and it inspired me…

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