Master Baker? Not quite yet…

In my adventures in cyberspace, I have stumbled across a FANTASTIC reason to bake. Blogg baking CHALLENGES/COMPETITIONS. Who would have thought?? In short, the person in charge of the challenge (in most cases) picks a certain ingredient or theme, and you have to bake within that theme.


Well, with the taste of eater eggs all too fresh in our mouths, the friendly kids at Master Baker gave the challenge of cooking with ‘easter candy’. Oh joy of joys – I was given FAR too much chocolate this Easter, and what better way of getting RID of it, that by BAKING with it 😀 Loves it!

Now, my very first entry in Master Baker is very VERY simple. So simple it probably won’t get a look it, but I think it’s a neat idea.

I love DUMPLINGS. My regular ‘dumpling partner’ is on a health-kick atm, so I have been minus dumplings for a good two weeks now. Soo, I think I really have dumplings on my mind because look what happened to my easter eggs:


That’s right, I turned my excess Easter eggs into little chocolate wantons. See below for all the gory details!!

Step one: so I had some spare filo pastry in my freezer from making Spanikopita (spinach pie) which can at times be tricky to work with as it is very thin and needs to be defrosted for a couple of hours before you can work with it. I cheated and call it sacrilege, but I MICROWAVED it. I rolled out my filo pastry and brushed it with melted butter, which makes it much easier to work with and gives the pastry a nice golden brown CRUNCH. I cut the sheets into 1/4’s to make a rough square.

unwrapping eggsStep two: Unwrap the easter eggs. Perhaps this should be step one, as unwrapping easter eggs with butter covered fingers was slightly difficult. HMMMM.

step three ishStep three: place easter egg in the centre of the filo square. Pick up the corners of the square and shape the filo to be flush against the egg, creating a wanton effect (don’t know how to better describe that!).

wanton woman


Step four: place on baking tray and place in oven at 200C. Bake for approx 5 mins or until golden brown.

Step five: EAT!!! Preferably while still warm so the chocolate is all melty, and in my case, the caramel filling is EXTRA gooey!

My verdict is that these were ridiculously simple to make and taste way too good. Mixing flaky pastry with choclate and caramel all smooshed together. Ahhhh, my waistline.

I also experimented with wrapping mini Lindt chocolates with Filo…also work exceptionally well and sinfully good. They looked like little raviolis. I also experimented with wrapping the eggs fully with filo, and I thought they looked like gnocci. Pasta filo chocolates!Lindt ‘ravioli’

Thus ends my first Master Baker attempt. I know there wasn’t much baking involved, but as I said, it was a bit of a novel idea, a theme that seems to becoming quite frequent!!


I’m baking banana bread again this weekend, and also whipped up some pretty generic cupcakes this morning – they weren’t anything special, so they might have to be eaten without record.

Ciao, Fifi la Cupcakes xxx

Easter Egg Wantonsthe whole ganglittle chocolate wantons

Attacking the wantons



March 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Nikki57 replied:

    Omg those are too much fun. I love them already!! Thanks for the entry

  2. the airy fairy replied:

    what a clever idea! well done on your first entry into the Master Baker challenges! looking forward to seeing many more!

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