Wun Fiddy. WERD!

one fiddy

Oh hooray! In my short existence on the interweb, I’ve had just over 150 page views (we’ll discount the fact that a lot of them are probably me looking in, or showing people!!). This is probably an infinitesimal number comparatively, but for me, I’m amazed that people bother to look at my page at all! To celebrate, I shall be baking something 150-related….150 cookies? Cakes in the shape of the numbers 150? Bake something that has ingredients that are 150grams (note to self…BUY SCALES!) or multiples of 150…the ideas are endless…you shall all see on Monday after I’ve had the weekend to think and bake and think and bake x 150!! 

Speaking of Monday, I have sad news – I am starting ‘Smackdown’ – no, Wrestlemania is not my thing, but I will be laying a smackdwon on my cupcake eating habits, which have gotten a bit out of control.

After a three month hiatus from the gym, I was shocked when I finally had to put my jeans on after an awesome summer of baking to be rudely SHOCKED my their tightness. Surely they had just shrunk in the wash? Or maybe they have that ‘just washed jeans’ tightness? Sadly not. The human scales, which I do have, do not lie. Neither does my super-tight eighties high-waisted skirt. I mean, sure, it’s meant to be a tight skirt, but at the moment, it is positively BURSTING at the seams.

So, a sad goodbye to sugar, and an introduction to attempted ‘healthy’ baking (is there such a thing?). I  attempted to brainstorm some healthy, natural alternatives to sugar with my colleagues, because after all, that Splenda stuff has an awful after-taste and is supposedly carcinogenic (hmm, it’s all speculation at the moment…). We came up with honey, bananas, yoghurt, almond meal, vanilla beans….honey…errr, honey and….Honey! Does anyone else know some natural sweeteners a girl watching her waistline could use?!?! Oh ZING…dried fruit is pretty sweet…as is carob chocolate. Maybe I should look to the diabetics of the world and try living in their shoes for the month of April (aka Smackdown month). 

This post has gone way off topic, and I should probably be working! Till MONDAY aka SMACKDOWN START DATE, stay sweet. 

Fif la Cuppies. 


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  1. Mummsy replied:

    Well done Fifi, looks like I got it right teaching you to stand with me in the kitchen when you were little. I can remember you licking the bowl clean and with chocolate all over your fat little cheeks! Enjoyed the Easter Cupcakes too, so keep up the good work!

  2. the airy fairy replied:

    maple syrup is also possible as another more natural sweetener…congrats on 150 views!

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