I’m sowwy

Somewhere along the line, I got really caught up in my off-line life. Work got really busy, I did my ‘smack down’ month which saw my visits to gym increase, and I also started and completed a short course in Food Writing.

During that time, I did have a couple of baking escapades (always makes me think of Dorie in Finding Nemo: ‘es kup ay’). I did take photos for a couple of them, but not all of them. I’ll give you a run through of the ones that I didn’t end up having Kodak moments with:

ANZAC biscuits: 25 April in Australia is ANZAC day, where we remember the Australian and New Zealand troops who fought in Gallipoli. ANZAC biscuits were supposedly sent over to the troops while they were off fighting, and have since been associated with this day of remeberence. They’re a really good bikkie, so I’ll probably make some more at a later date. Main ingredients are rolled oats, coconut, flour, sugar, golden syrup and butter (there are more, these are just the main!)

Cupcakes: Vanilla Vanilla for some friends who came over for afternoon tea (Hi Iva and Charissey!!) I made half plain, and half with raspberry jam surprises – the jam was received very well!! Had one of my most successful butter cream experiences…I was proud.

Stuff that I baked and DID take photos of that I will write up at a later date: Tea Cake and Banana Tea Bread – the Banana Tea bread I will be entering in the Not Quite Nigella Banana Bread Blogging Event . It’s a take-two of the banana bread a made a little while ago, however this time much more successfully as *trumpets, horns, drum rolls etc* I have received baking scales. They’re my Mum’s seriously retro dieting scales from the 70’s..but they’re awesome and slightly cracked, but I grew up with them, and I love them!

So look out for my return to blogging, and I’m sowwy it took me so darn long.



May 2, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. neil replied:

    I know how that food writing course affected my output – not only thinking about what to write, but HOW to write about it was straining my brain, but so worth the effort.

    Your mum’s scales have me slightly mystified…are they the ones you stand on, or are they proper baking scales?

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