A gift that keeps giving…kind of

Just when you thought I’d hung up the apron for good, along I come and dust off the keyboard to make a not so gallant return to the blogosphere.

Considering how long it’s been since I posted an entry (so long it’s embarrassing and we won’t post any figures regarding this) my site stats have been pretty good. It’s nice to know people are still stopping by.

The prompter for me posting today was a Wedding Shower I attended on the weekend. Instead of bringing gifts for the bride to be, we were asked to bring one of our favourite recipes that would be then made into a special recipe book.

I thought for a little bit, and given that I am definitely a baker (although I can cook, just not as well as I bake) I of course had to bring a baking recipe.

Now while I have not blogged for a while, the baking has not ceased, although it has certainly slowed down. In the past however long, there have been numerous birthdays, fathers’ day, mothers’ day etc, and I have had the chance to try out some new recipes and perfect some old ones. The recipe that was possibly the most time consuming, although certainly most worth-while was Dory Greenspan’s Bill’s Big Carrot Cake.

Requiring 9 carrots, this cake is surprising on a number of levels. Given the nine carrots and all (which is three whole cups of grated carrot) I thought there was WAY too much carrot in this recipe – turns out I was wrong. The carrot bakes in and is not obviously carroty ie no big lumps of carrot. Secondly, I was concerned the batter I made would not be enough for the three cake tins, given how little batter there seemed to be for each tin. Wrong again – this batter rises beautifully in this recipe, which is once again surprising given how much carrot and nuts are included.

This is the second layer cake I have ever made, and it was certainly a proud moment when I managed to pull it off.

In previous posts, I have complained about cream cheese icing. I have yet to have success in creating something that doesn’t resemble cream cheese soup (sounds ok, but really isn’t) and was slightly nervous in making the icing for this triple layer cake. I shouldn’t have worried – the icing turned out perfectly, and the lemon juice in the icing was lovely.

Once the three layers were levelled slightly, iced between the layers with a crumb icing all over, the end result:

Not only is this cake visually pleasing, I will vouch vouch VOUCH for its tastiness factor (and the fact that this cake will last you a while given how HUGE one slice of this thing is!!).

Therefore, I could think of no other recipe to pass along to our bride to be, other than this fabulous carrot cake. I hope it brings you as much satisfaction and delight as it has me!




October 6, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. neil replied:

    I love carrot cake and yours looks a fabulous beast of a cake! Who would have thought such lusciousness could be so tall? Nice work.

    On another matter, would you be able to give me John Weldon’s email address? I seem to have lost it.

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