Some bunny thinks I’m SPECIAL :)

I saw something today on my blog that made me smile at my monitor almost all afternoon.

my blog is rated E

The dear, sweet Airy Fairy of Airy Fairy Cupcakes fame has rated my blog E for Excellent! 😀 Boy did it make me feel just a LITTTTLE bit special! As the Airy Fairy notes, I’m fairly new to this blogging thing, and she had been totally encouraging and supporting from my very early days – if I had a blogging mentor, it would DEFINITELY be her 🙂 So THANK YOU Miss Fairy, I feel honoured! 🙂

Now to share some love: I rate Lick the Spatula as E for Excellent – also a relative new-comer, Lick the Spatula has been a BUSY girl, churning out some awesome posts, and really gorgeous photography – check her out!!!

Well, the past couple of days have simply been filled with baking, and I have never been more content! On Thursday of last week, I made Raspberry and White chocolate muffins for Friday brunch at work, as two of my dear colleagues move on to bigger and more challenging roles. I made the muffins in mini and normal size – it looked to weird to see these ‘naked cup cakes’ – no icing, no patty pans – I had forgotten what anything other than a cup cake looked like! The muffins were well appreciated, and were lovely with my organic skim-chai latte (can we say high-maintenance?!? :P).

Saturday was spent making cupcakes for a friend’s BBQ – I had a lot of pressure to live up to my cup cake reputation, so made something that was no-fail, and becoming a bit of a signature style: Golden Butter Cupcakes with Vanilla butter-creaming icing, and filled with raspberry jam (yes, I LOVE raspberries!). I also had a play around with the remaining white chocolate and melted it down to make shapes – results were CUTE and delicious, my favourite type of cupcake!

I’ve been playing around with my piping bag attachments and have been having a lot of fun experimenting – I like this attachment best, as I think it looks like ribbons of icing – one friend mentioned it looked like fettucini, but I will ignore said comment (it’s ribbons dammit!!!).

To fill the cupcakes with jam I’ll use photos from my mothers day cupcakes as an example (which sadly didn’t get photographed once complete…) we filled the cupcakes with Dulce de leche that I had made by boiling a tin of condensed milk for 4 hours straight! I cut out a cone shape from the middle of the cupcake, fill with whichever filling I’m using and then cut the pointy end of the cone off – leaving a nice little disc to place back over the hole. Tadaaaaa:

Thus ends today’s post!

From a fairly chuffed little cupcake,

Fi xx


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