Getting Fudgey for Master Baker

Hello all out there in interweb!

I return to bring you my second ever entry for Master Baker, hosted by the lovely Nikki at Crazy Delicious! This month’s ingredient was vanilla. Vanilla – wow, such a broad ingredient (maybe that would actually be a broad bean???) the possibilities are endless, which is the beauty of this choice

I bring you: Vanilla bean FUDGE!

I thought to myself: Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream – too obvious! Vanilla tea cake? Yes, I’ve made that already, but I wanted to make something DIFFERENT! Plus, there would be extra e-cred for using vanilla BEAN which I’ve never used before…THEN, it struck me! Something I’ve made before (many many times!) with the new addition of vanilla bean…it’s almost like ‘something old, something new’!

The recipe I use for this fudge is so so simple, and not scary or messy at all. I once again pay homage to one of my Mum’s awesome retro style cookbook, but wait til you get this. This recipe comes from a folder style recipe book my Mum got when she went and did a MICROWAVE COOKING COURSE when she first got her Microwave. Now for all us Gen Ys out there who have grown up with TV, VHS, Microwaves, Internet etc…the Microwave only really became accessible (according to wikipedia) in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. Wow, what was life like BEFORE that??

So, back to the fudge. This is a microwave recipe. It is SO easy, maybe a little time consuming, but SO worth it. I brought some of this fudge into work with me, and rave reviews were received…I got a 9/10 from the lady who sits next to me (calorie content lost me the extra point!) and was asked by another to bring more in!

To make this delectable fudge you will need:

2 cups of caster sugar
100 grams butter
1 tin condensed milk (around 400g)
1/3 vanilla bean pod, scraped out

Put all ingredients in microwave safe bowl and heat on ‘high’ for 2 minutes – stir.
Heat for a further 10 minutes, stirring every minute or so to ensure the mixture doesn’t bubble over. Pour mixture in a buttered square pan and refridgerate for 10 minutes – after 10 minutes, cut the fudge into squares and refridgerate until cool – enjoy!

The texture of this fudge isn’t soft – one of my colleagues asked me if it was actually something called Russian toffee, but I only know this as fudge – it’s almost a bit crumbly, and MELTS in your mouth! If you prefer softer fudge, I would recommend heating the mixture for less time.

Happy baking 🙂

Fi xx

PS – Vanilla bean wasn’t scary either….it was so cool scraping all those tiny beans out. Can’t wait to use the rest of it for other stuff!

check the beans dude!!


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